Awareness for Your Business

Create local awareness for your business. It’s absolutely free to become a WinSpin Merchant

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Show up on our WinSpin wheel and give people the chance to win special offer to visit your store

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Traditional and Digital Advertising are just too expensive for small and local business. Stop paying for clicks and impressions, and only pay WinSpin for conversions.

New way to drive new customers and build local awareness

If you have something unique to offer, and you want to reach the right people near or around your business- sign up as WinSpin Merchant today. WinSpin brings a new perspective and new approach to engage users through games and giving locals business the tools to reach their customers.

WinSpin helps merchants create memorable experiences to build a loyal customer base

Reach a new audience

Create a prize to drive new customers to your business, get real reviews, and connect in a new way with your customers

Boost Loyalty

Merchants have full control. Choose to offer different prizes for existing customers, and different prize for new customers

Reach people around your local business

Notify people near or around your store of a special deal or offer

Learn more about your customers

Get insights about the people interested in your business